I'm Deanna!

Before I ever got my first camera, it was dance that sparked a love for creativity and capturing emotion through art. As a dance teacher, I find beauty in movement and self-expression, and I want to bring these moments to life in another way. In 2012, I decided to take up photography – and DC Photo was born.

Today, I find creative inspiration in the outdoors and in the city I call home (Ottawa). My goal is not just to capture an image that looks good, but something that feels good too. I aim to shoot photos that look natural and feel like memories. My photography is warm and candid, so it’s important to me to feel a connection with the people I work with.

We’re likely a good match if you:

  • are looking for candid and emotive photos – not overly posed
  • value simplicity and natural light
  • enjoy having pictures taken in a relaxed environment
  • want to have fun!

Outside of photography, I live with my husband in Centretown and am a dance educator. I recently completed my Master of Education with UPEI.

The Experience:

  1. Contact me (deannacormierphotography@gmail.com) to schedule your session and date.
  2. Together we will choose your location and what to wear.
  3. Photo session time - Have fun, show off your skills, and create some magic & memories!
  4. Photos are delivered through an online gallery - choose your favourites.
  5. Print, share, and cherish the memories!

Why Choose Me?

Dance has been in my life since 1989 and I have been teaching since 2003! Not only do I understand the art of capturing beautiful photographs, but I am also an expert in proper dance technique. This means your photos will not only look candid and emotive, but also show off your dance training - what a perfect match!

Let's create some beautiful art together. Reach out if you’re interested in working with me, I cannot wait to meet you!